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  Diagrams for Modular Designs

This page gives access to diagrams for modular designs in pdf format. Most of these diagrams are for my own designs but a few are either traditional or classics by other paperfolding designers.

I have also published two books of modular designs, Paper Crystals and Building with Butterflies, which are available to purchase from all good online retailers.

By downloading any of these diagrams you agree that they are for your personal use only in the terms of the copyright permission set out on the Permissions and fees page and that you will not otherwise distribute them in any way.

Unless otherwise stated diagrams are for my own original designs.

  2-Fold Cube     Dodecahedron with Windows (by David Mitchell / Francis Ow)     Omicron
  2-Fold Star     Electra and Electra 60     Paul Jackson Cube (by Paul Jackson)
  4Star     Elite and Elite Pyramid     Paul Jackson Cuboid
  Abe and Terada Modules (by Hisashi Abe and Norishige Terada)     Eureka Cube     Pentangle
  Ad Infinitum     Four Cubes     Photo Frame Cube
  Apollo     Four Open Box Cuboids and Cubes     Pinwheel Cubes
  Ariadne and Phaedra     Half Cube, Three-Quarter Cube and Sierpinski Qubes (by David Mitchell / Kumars Sharif)     Playing Card Cube (traditional Western European design)
  Artifact and Thingamy     Harlequin Cube (by Kenneth Kawamura)     Reptile modules
  Banded Cubes and Stars     Harlequin Star (by Kenneth Kawamura and Robert Neale)     Rhombicuboctahedron (by Kenneth Kawamura)
  Binary     Harlequin Bi-colour Stars     Robert Neale Octahedron (by Robert Neale)
  Broken Square Cube     Just Add Cake     Rock and Roll
  Broken Star Cube     Kite Pattern Rhombic Dodecahedron     Simplex Modules
  Business Card Cube (traditional Western European design)     Kite Pattern Triacontahedron     Skew Sonobe Modules and the Skew Sonobe Cube
  Colour Change Collapsible Cube     Letterbox Modules and Designs     60-part Small Stellated Dodecahedron
  Coasters Supreme     Magazine Cover Box Cuboid     Sonobe Modules and Designs (by Mitsonobu Sonobe and others)
  Cockeyed Cube     Masu Cube     Star of Wonder
  Columbus Cube     Maverick modules and a Marriage of Opposites     6-part Stellated Rhombic Dodecahedron
  Columbus Cuboid     Mondrian modules and the Mondrian Cube     Tematebako (traditional Japanese design)
  Combination Silverhedra     Motley Cubes made using Maverick modules     Twisted Square Cube
  Cushions     New Mystery Box     Unconventional Cube
  Darwin Modules and Designs     Nolid Octahedron (2-part)     Vice Versa Star
  Decorative Skew Sonobe Cube     Octagonal Wreath     Whirlpool Cube
          Off-Centre Stripe Cubes     Yakkosan Cube