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Super Rooster

  Diagrams for Multiple Sheet Designs

This page gives access to diagrams for some of my multiple sheet designs in pdf format.

By downloading these diagrams you agree that they are for your personal use only in the terms of the copyright permission set out on the Permissions and fees page and that you will not otherwise distribute them in any way.

  America     Naive Turtle     Poser
  B-Bear     Mix and Match Bactrian     Push Me Pull You
  Flatmates     Mix and Match Bullock     Raven in Flight
  Floral Gift Box     Mix and Match Dromedary     Rhinos 'R' Us / Out for the Count
  Flying Parrot     Mix and Match Elephant     Sea Monster
  Hag     Mix and Match Giraffe     Shipwreck
  Humphrey     Mix and Match Llama     Silver Fir
  Imp     Parakeet in Flight     Stretch Pigo
  Just Lion Around     Penguin Cottage     Swan with Cygnets
  Naive Butterfly     3-Piece Pentagram     Super Rooster
  Naive Horse     P-P-Pig     Wolf Cub
  Naive Hound     Pigasus