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  The Modular Origami Design Encyclopaedia is a visual catalogue of modular origami designs arranged by theme. The catalogue is built around my own design work but is being extended to include designs by other paperfolders where I feel they have particular significance to the development, and particularly the early development, of the theme. If you notice that important designs have been missed please let me know.

The information about individual designs generally includes a credit giving the name of the paperfolder who is believed to have first discovered the design. Credits are also given to other paperfolders who are known to have independently originated the same design before it became widely known. The question, 'Who got there first?', is often difficult to resolve. Because of this these credits should be regarded as provisional rather than definitive.

Technical Information
Visual Catalogue
Designs by modular number   Designs by Polyhedral Form   UnulDesigns by topic
  2-part Designs     Tetrahedra     Versatile Modules
  3-part Designs     Rhombic Tetrahedra     Modular Sculptures
  4-part Designs     Truncated Tetrahedra     Macromodular Sculptures
  5-part Designs     Rhombic Pyramids     Kusudamas
  6-part Designs     Cubes     Modulars in Motion
  8-part Designs     Silverhexahedra     Nolids and other Planar Designs
  10-part Designs     Rhombic Hexahedra     Designs from the Paul Jackson Cube
  12-part Designs     Cuboctahedra     Designs from parallelogram modules
  16-part Designs     Octahedra     Designs from Silver Rectangles
  18-part Designs     Rhombic Octahedra     Designs from Bronze and Double Bronze Rectangles
  20-part Designs     Silveroctahedra     Designs from the 3x3 and 5x5 grids
  24-part Designs     Truncated Octahedra     Designs made using Mock Platinum Folding Geometry
  30-part Designs     8-point Stubby Stars     Analogues of the Cube
  36-part Designs     Rhombicuboctahedra     Even Distribution Designs
  48-part Designs     Icosahedra     Minimalist Modular Designs
  60-part Designs     Truncated Icosahedra     Rhombic Polyhedra
  90-part Designs     20-point Stubby Stars     Self-template Modular Designs
  120-part Designs     Dodecahedra     Three Stage Modular Designs
          Rhombic Dodecahedra     Unmathematical Forms
          Stellated Rhombic Dodecahedra     Compound Modular Designs
          Icosidodecahedra     Core and Cladding Designs
          Rhombicosidodecahedra     Irregular Assembly Designs
          Snub Cubes and Snub Dodecahedra     Boxes and Containers
          Prisms and Antiprisms        
          Compound Polyhedra        
          Small Stellated Dodecahedra