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The Boy's Own Book by William Clarke
'The Boy's Own Book' by William Clarke was published by Vizetelly, Branston and Company in London in 1828 and by Munroe and Francis in New York in 1829. A full copy can be viewed on-line at

According to Robert William Henderson writing in his 'Ball, Bat, and Bishop: The Origin of Ball Games', which was published by the University of Illinois Press in 2001, 'It was a tremendous contrast to the juvenile books of the period, which emphasized piety, morals and instruction of mind and soul; it must have been received with whoops of delight by the youngsters of both countries.' (p153) (Source Wikipedia)

This book was substantially revised and republished by Crosby Lockwood and Co in London in 1880 with the addition of additional material relevant to paperfolding history.

The original book contains:

The Paper Furnace




The Cherries Puzzle


The Card Puzzle (another form of the Cherries Puzzle)


The Buddha Papers