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The Boy's Own Book (Revised Edition), 1880
A new edition of 'The Boy's Own Book', 'thoroughly revised and considerably enlarged', was published in London by Crosby, Lockwood and Co in 1880.

A full copy can be viewed online here.


This edition does not contain:

Another Anamorphosis / The Distorted Landscape

The Paper Furnace

The Moving Pyramid

The Fold and Switch Effect


But does contain the previous material on

Kite Bows


Paper trays for breeding Silkworms

including a new illustration


The Buddha Papers



Mention of the 'young blind man' has been removed, although the wording still says it 'may be often seen about the streets'.


The Cherry Cheat - The Cherries Puzzle


The Card Puzzle


And one new paperfolding related item which was not in the previous editions

The Fold and One Cut Latin Cross