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Popular Scientific Recreations by Gaston Tissandier
'Popular Scientific Recreations' is a translated and enlarged version of Gaston Tissandier's 'Les Recreations Scientifiques'. It was published by Ward, Lock and Co Ltd in London and New York in 1883.

The London version is available online here.

The New York version is available online here.

Both versions are undated but cannot date earlier than the date of Charles Darwin's death on 19th April 1882 since in a footnote on page 619 he is called 'the late Charles Darwin'.

The reverse of the title page in the New York version says 'Copyright 1883 by H C Sandifer', who is presumably the Editor.

Despite the enlargement this book only contains the same paperfolding material as 'Les Recreations Scientifique'.


The Jumping Bean


How to Melt Tin in a Playing Card


Boiling Water in a Paper Case - How to Boil Water in a Paper Pan - (ie the Junk Box)