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Kindergarten Guide by Lois Bates
Lois Bates' 'Kindergarten Guide' was first published by Longmans, Green and Co in London in 1897. Like many other such guides it contains a chapter on paperfolding in which many simple designs are listed and illustrated. Many of these designs are different, or are given different names, to those in other similar guides. Where the fold is just a preparatory fold and not given a name I have omitted it from the list below.

1. Book or Screen

2. Tunnel

4. Table

5. Stool

6. Shawl

7. Tent


9. Sailing Boat

11. Open Envelope

12. Closed Envelope

15. Open Envelope (of smaller size)


19. Crown

20. Bed

21. Cradle

22. Trough

23. Cruet (the Salt-cellar)

24. Seed Vessel (the Seedpod)

25. Salt-cellar (the Pepperpot)

26. Table and Cover


31. Tablecloth

32. Kite

33. Windmill

34. Claw

35. Double Boat

36. Duck


43. Open Box (the Blintz Box or Masu).


45. Pig

46. Double Trough (presumably to feed the pig from)

47. Corner Cupboard

48. Sofa (unidentified)

49. Sail Boat

50. Arch

51. Form (in the sense of bench)


52-67 are Forms of Beauty from the Windmill Base


Plate 14 shows two multipiece patterns / stars made from simple folded units.