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Die Frobelschen Beschaftigungen
'Die Frobelschen Beschaftigungen' by Marie Muller-Wunderlich was published by Friedrich Brandstetter in Leipzig in four parts in 1910. Part 1: Das Flechten (Weaving), Part 2: Das Falten (Folding). Part 3: Die Erbsenarbeiten (Pea Work), Part 4: Die Tonarbeiten (Clay modelling).

Parts 1 and 2 contain paperfolds.

Part 1: Das Flechten

Designs woven with folded strips


Part 2: Das Falten

I have not managed to translate all the names of these designs, many of which I have not found in any earlier work.

Bildenbuch (picture book)

Tashentuch (handkerchief)

Taschchen (purse)

Zelt (tent)

Umschlagetuch (shawl)

Becher (the Paper Cup)

Segelschiff (sailing ship)

Haus (house)

Widelbett (?)

Briefumschlag (envelope)

Brief (letter)

Tute (bag)


1, The Salt Cellar

2, The Pepperpot

3, Reisetache (the Travel Bag)

4, Krone (the Crown)

5, Bett - The Bed

6, Korbchen - The Basket

7, Vogel (the Cocotte or Pajarita)

8, Tisch (the Table).

9, Windmuhle (the Windmill)

10, Das Segelschiff (the Boat with Sail)

11, Krawatte (the Cravat)

12. Drachen (the Dragon)


13, Ente (the Duck)

14, Doppelkanu (The Double Boat)

15, Kanu mit Fischkasten (Boat with Fishbox)

16, Zwei Fischkasten (the Portfolio)

17, Das Spiegelrahmen (the Frame)

18, Der Spiegel (the Mirror)

19, Das Kastchen (the casket)

The inclusion of this design here may well be an error. It looks like the Junk Box which is also included in its correct place within the sequence further on in the book. It would be more usual to find the Solid Box at this point of the sequence, but the Solid Box does not have side flaps.

20, The Wandtasche (the wall pocket) (a version of the Paper Cup).

21, Das boot (the boat).

22, Das Schweinchen (the Pig).

23, Bilderrahmen (picture frame).

24, Haus (the house).

25, Unknown.

26, Taschchen (purse)


28, Der Orden (the medal) (the Cross).

29, Der Stern (the star).

30, The Jacket

31, Die Hose (the Trousers)

32, Der Stiefel (the Pair of Boots)

33, Der Stuhl (the Chair)

34, Der Schmetterling (the Butterfly).

35, Das Portemonnaie (the Coin Wallet).

36, Das Hohe Kastchen (the height box) (the Junk Box)

37, Die Gondel (the gondola) (the Chinese Junk)

38, Die Sanduhr (the sandglass).

39, Unknown.

40, Der Nachtfalter (the moth).

41, Der Blasebelg (the Bellows)

42, Der Frosch (the frog ... which I call the Flat Frog to distinguish it from the Blow-Up Frog).


43, Unknown.

44, Das Geschlossne Kaschen (the closed box) (the Catherine of Cleves Box)

45, Die Flattermuhle (the Cut and Fold Windmill)

46, The Double-barrelled Banger

47, The Zaubertaschchen (magic bag) (the Puzzle Purse or Menko)

48, Der Sonnenschirmchen (the parasol).

49, Henne mit Ruchlein (hen with chicks).

50, Tisch mit Stuhlen (table with chairs).


51 and 52, Die Schippen (the shovel).

53, Der Einfach Helm (the easy helmet) (the Newspaper Hat)

54, Der Aufgeschlagene Helm (the opened helmet) (the Pyramidal Hat)

55, Der Facher (the fan).

56, Der Schmetterling (the butterfly).

57, Der Ordernsstern (medal star).

58, Die Zugvogel (migratory birds).


59, Das Grosse Vogel (the large ship) (the Paper Boat)

60, Der Federtasten (the Pencil Case)

61, Der Pfeil (the arrow) (the Paper Dart)

62, Der Zeiharmonika (the accordion) (the Witch's Staircase)

63-65, Die Bander (the bands).