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Cahier de Adele Tissot, 1876
This exercise book, which is in the collection of Musée cantonal d’archéologie et d’histoire (MCAH), CH - Lausanne, contains three pages of paperfolds. It can be viewed online here. My thanks to Edwin Corrie for drawing this to my attention.

Two of the pages are of particular interest:


The top designs on this page (Sahettes 1 and 2) are two slightly different versions of the Wall Pocket. It is interesting to note the eyelets that, presumably, allow them to be hung from nails hammered into a wall.

The lower design is a plume intended to be added to the Newspaper Hat (see below)


The top design (Le Sachet) looks like a Basic Rectangular Letterfold.

The lower design is a Newspaper Hat.


These two designs are the standard Paper Boat (top) and a variant (below) with a slightly larger sail.