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Paperfolding Puzzles (2nd Edition) ISBN 978-0-9534774-5-6
  This book contains examples of eight different types of paperfolding puzzle and explains how their solutions can be arrived at. Where there are multiple solutions - which is frequently - a selection of the most interesting is given.

This second edition has been extensively revised and reformatted and many new puzzles and solutions have been included. As a result the page count has increased from 48 to 136.

Black and White, the Flexotube and T-Time, which appeared in the first edition have not been included in the second.

Read the Introduction.

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Centre-piece Chequerboard Chevrons Corner Cross Cut
Double Cross Double K Double Rotor Equality Face To Face
Flash Foursquare Harlequin Janus Juxtaposition
K Merlin's Mat Modus 2 Into 1 Phoenix
Quartetra8 Serendipity Staircase Striptease Twister
Windmill Flexagon Zigzag