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Origami Alfresco (2nd Edition) ISBN 978-0-9534774-6-3
  The portfolio of minimalist and 'drawing with paper' designs that is Origami Alfresco is divided into five sections entitled Animals and People, Inanimate Objects, Double Images, Landscapes and The Sea. The Line Between has been included as a bonus fold.

This second edition has been extensively revised and reformatted and many new designs have been included. As a result the page count has increased from 44 to 136.

Three designs which appeared in the first edition, Hybrid Elephant, Leviathan and Lateral Drinking Puzzle, have been omitted from the second.

Bold titles indicate material new to the second edition. Where the designs are double images, action folds or optical illusions etc only one version of the sketch is shown.

Individual diagrams for all the sketches included in Origami Alfresco are now available for free download from the Single Sheet Designs page of the Diagrams section of this site but for those who prefer more tangible things the complete book can still be purchased at a discount price from https://www.tarquingroup.com/books.html or from any good online book retailer.

Animals and People
Elephants Extreme   Bull   Penguin   Doggone Cool!
Nefertiti   Fred   Old Man with Stick   Merlin
Find the Lady (puzzle)   Jumbo   Alien   Wot No Undies?
Inanimate Objects
Folio   Handy Box   Pyramids   Cubes
Other Simple Solids   Hotel Room / Swimming Pool        
Double Images
Flatmates   Dogfish   Mumbo Jumbo   Twins
Head to Head   Freefall / Limbo   Birdman   Also Comes in White
A Change of Perspective   Faith   Paradozical Object   Shark Attack
The Sea
Banana Boat   Yacht   Harbour at Skiathos   Not Waving
Mount Fuji and the Sea   Waiting for the Ferry   Sailboard   Hull Down
Egypt   Obelisk   Llyn Dhu   South
Yggdrasil   Indian Country   America   Upstream
Bonus Fold
The Line Between