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The Simple Crane
This page attempts to record what is known about the origin and history of the Simple Crane, or, more precisely, of various similar designs which can all be called by this name. Please contact me if you know any of this information is incorrect or if you have any other information that should be added. Thank you.



A version of the design appears on a kimono in this print in a book of shunga by Insuitei Shozan (1821-1907) from vol 2 of 'Iro Shiki Shi' which is undated, but is usually said to be from the mid 19th Century. The version of the design pictured appears to have been folded from a kite base but has the neck outside the body and the head outside the neck.



A second version of the design folded from a 3x1 rectangle appears in 'Origami (Part 1)' by Isao Honda, which was published in Japan in 1931.



A third version of the design, which also seems to be developed from a kite base, although with the neck inside the body and the head inside the neck, appears in Book Two of 'Origami Moyo' by Kawarazaki Kodo, which was published in Japan in 1935