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Gallery of Modular Sculpture
Modular sculpture is the term I use to describe any abstract geometric modular design that is neither a straightforward model of a polyhedron or a kusudama.

Modular sculptures can be simple designs made from just two modules or quite complex designs made from sixty modules or more, but in either case they are necessarily based on, and developed from, an underlying polyhedral structure.

Some modular sculptures will also function as macromodules that can be combined into larger macromodular sculptures.

I conceive of modular sculptures as partnership art, a concept that expresses the partnership that exists in craft origami/paperfolding between the designer, who first conceptualises and defines the design, and the folder, who realises one expression of it at one particular point in time, so that both contribute in equal partnership to the finished work.

A selection of my modular sculptures are pictured below. Further details about these designs, including where the folding and assembly instructions have been published, can be found here.

Andromeda   Andromeda60   Apollo
Ariadne   Aurora   Artifact
Binary   Celestial   Cloud of Stars
Curvaceous   Electra   Electra60
Elite   Enigma6   Ethereal
Four Cubes   Gaia   Gemini24
Gemini30   Gemini60   Metamorphosis
Neon   Odyssey   Omicron
Phaedra   Proteus   The Rosebud Octahedron
The Semi-Star   Zigzag   The Banded Star