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The Alphabet Song
A for making while the sun shines,

B for mutton, with cider or wine,

C for sailing, alone on the ocean,

D forestation, progress in motion,

E for Peron, a political dame,

F for vescence, a glass of champagne,

G for it’s great to be back home, home is where I wanna be,

H for dropping ‘arry’s ‘at on an ‘anger in the ‘all of 'is 'aberdashery,

I for y tower, the place to be at,

J for stealing bright shiny tat,

K for agreeing whatever you say,

L for leather and running away,

M for a motorway, heading out west,

N for a penny, and then for the rest,

O for the top or into the breach,

P for spending, what a relief!

Q for buses and barbering,

R for the once and future king,

S for nication an original sin?

T for two, outside or in,

U for mism, a less rude thing to say,

V for Espana, Ole, Ole!

W for double me,

X for breakfast, dinner and tea,

Y for Pete’s sake, and when all else is said,

Z for the sound of snoring in bed.